Masala Fish Fry

close up shot of masala fish fry

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This Fish masala fry recipe is super simple to make with spicy marinade with predominant flavours of garlic and fennel powder makes is flavourful and delicious!



1/2 kg Fish

3 Tablespoon Oil

For marination:

1 teaspoon oil (for marinade)

2 Tablespoon Chilli powder

1Teaspoon turmeric powder

1tablespoon Fennel powder

2 teaspoon Garlic Paste

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoon Lemon juice


Wash and slice the fish.

To a mixing bowl add the marinade ingredients and 3 tablespoon water to make a thick paste.

Add fishes and smear the marinade all over the fish.

Let it marinade from 15mins to 30mins.

To a frying pan, add oil, Shallow fry the fish on both the sides till they are golden


Top Tips to make the best Fish Masala Fry:

Marinade: For this recipe, you can marinade for just 5 mins or simple overnight marination also works well.
For overnight marination, use glass container or recommended freezer-safe container. Cover the fish and refrigerate.

Oil: I have used vegetable oil in this recipe. You may use sesame oil, gingerly oil or coconut oil. Every oil has a distinct flavour.

Fish: Use white thick fleshed fish for best results.

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